Christmas Favorites

  1. The best Christmas song is All I Want for Christmas is You, by Mariah Carey.
  2. The best Christmas dessert my family makes is my Aunt’s famous chocolate cake that we make every year.
  3. The best Christmas movie is Elf, and the best quote is “Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad!” From Mr. Narwhal
  4. The best Christmas activity is doing a white elephant party. I do it with my friends all the time and it is always so fun and we all get funny gifts.
  5. The one gift I want to get this year is money because I am moving and going to re-do my room, so I want money to buy so more room stuff and shoes.
  6. The best holiday service project is giving my cousins (who live in a barn) stuff that they need. Last year we gave two out of the four kids bran new American Girl Dolls.
  7. The best Christmas gift to give is money because then they can buy anything they want.
  8. A fun fact about Christmas is that a Christmas reef is a symbol of enteral life.
  9. The one memory I have of Christmas that is not a good one is when my dog eat 4 oz of chocolate fudge and we had to take her to the er on Christmas eve.

Throwback Thursday: Toys Edition

There are so many things that have changed in this world! Like the music we listen too, the movies we watch, and what we wear. Here are some toys that have changed over the years.

  1. Scooter boards… Scooter boards are the tiny plastic boards that you ride on with you knees. They scratch your legs up and didn’t work. I used to play with these all the time. I got so many cuts and bruises from these. These are such an interesting toy because you could never ride it the right way.
  2. Pet Hamster… These are hamsters that move. When you press the nose, it turns on and starts going all over the floor while making noises. These were me and my sisters favorite toy. The only downside is when you accidentally get the wheels stuck in your hair. They had all different kinds but they got really annoying really soon.
  3. Walkie talkies… When I was little, I would play with little kid walkie talkies all the time. I would see how far away in the house I could make it without loosing a connection. I thought these were so cool. Some would have princess or dogs on them. They never really worked unless you were five feet away from the other person with the walkie talkie.These are all the toys I used when I was little but now I think it was so weird. These are so funny to look back at because you can see how much the world has evolved and how different it is.

My Dream Bedroom!

If I could have unlimited money and make my bedroom whatever way I wanted, I would make it simple and nothing crazy in it. I would just have a big bed or a couch as the craziest thing in my room. I would make my bedroom look like this…

The number 1 must have in my room is plants. I love plants and even if they are fake, they make your room look organized and fancy but settle. If I could get plants, I would get them from Cactus and Tropicals which have the best plants ad many different kinds.


Number 2 must have is a comfy bed with pillows. I would need a big bed with blankets and lots f pillows. I love pillows and I hate being cold at night. I would also get a weighted blanket because it is so comfortable and soft.


The last thing I would get is a tv. I would get a tv because it can keep you entertained and you don’t have to be with everyone in your family while watching tv. You can just be alone and watch whatever you want. I wouldn’t get a supper big tv or a super small one. I would get a tv that can just barely fit on a shelf.


These are the three things I must have in my dream room. These are would be so fun to have in your bedroom. Here is another picture of what I would want my bedroom to look like.

Favorite Character!

My favorite show right now is The Good Place. The main character’s name is Eleanor Shellstrop. She is a crazy and mean person trying to become a god person to get into the “Good Place.” She has to take all these lessons from her friend Chidi which is a teacher of ethics. She did all this bad stuff in her life when she was on Earth, but in the Good Place, she is a better person than she was. This s such a great tv show and Eleanor is such a great character!

Middle School Thoughts

I think middle school at Draper Park Middle School is awesome! The school is super cool and organized! I love how there are teams to split up each grade and the hallways with the teachers! Three pros about middle school is… 1. The freedom you get in middle school. You can walk to your classes by yourself and you teachers don’t have to walk you. 2. All the electives. There are so many electives that you get to choose. You can choose so many different things and there is something for everyone! 3. Fridays. You get short days on Fridays which is super cool! You can sleep in more on Fridays which I love instead of getting out early! Here are three cons on middle school. 1. Kid’s behavior. Some kids are so crazy and the teachers/principal don’t handle it well sometimes.¬† 2. Time when school starts. Waking up is so hard in the morning and the school makes us start school at 7:30. I think this should change because it is super hard to wake up and we need more time for sleep so we are ready for the next quiz/test. 3. Homework. We have so much homework at the end of the day that take us hours but after school, some of us have a sport practice or something to do. This just build up stress for us because we are feeling rushed and then we get angry. These are the Pros and Cons of middle school!

Favorite Color!

My favorite color is a soft mint green almost pastel. There was not much of this color in the school, but I tried to get the closest color possible. This is what it is meant to look like…

And these are the pictures I got of this color.

How did I do? Did I get close to the color? Let me know!

Personality Quiz!

Here are the personality quizzes I took! I thought was super fun to learn about myself more at Geographic Kids!

Type of ice cream: Mint Chocolate chip! Mint chocolate chip is the top ten for most liked ice cream in the USA!

Type of gemstone: Opal is a gemstone that shimmer with nearly every shade of the rainbow.

Type of sea animal: Beluga whale is what kind of sea animal I am.


Meaning of my Name!

I like my name mostly because it is easy to say and lots of other people have it. I am little mad about what it means though. I just learned that my name, Brynn, has two different meanings one good and one bad. The good one means hill which is good I guess and the bad one means unavailable. I am pretty upset about that one because it is embarrassing.

Reasons why Fall is the Best Season

Fall is such an amazing season because of many different things. Fall in not only my favorite season but it has been proven that people from Sunnybrook Health Science Center and the University of Toronto.¬†that Fall is the most liked season. Fall has different colored leaves and pumpkin everything! There is pumpkin patches, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin latte’s, and pumpkin carving. These are all so amazing but if there is anything better on a cool Fall day it’s an apple cider donut. These are my favorite! Also Another thing I love about fall is the cool weather. You can wear a sweatshirt or a hoodie without getting hot. This is the most amazing feeling ever! Fall is such an amazing season because you get cooler weather, pumpkin everything and different colored leaves!